Finding Culinary Prep Equipment

culinary equipment

Are you in the process of starting a new restaurant or catering business? You have probably found a perfect location, have found committed staff, and probably have advertised your business. Now it’s time to look for commercial culinary equipment, arguably one of the most important tasks involved in setting up a commercial kitchen.

These equipments are with no doubt costly, and every person with an intention is purchasing one wonders whether they are really necessary, and sometimes are tempted to looks for possible alternatives. However, these equipments are essential to the success of any foodservice establishment; that is if you take advantage of the best quality brands on the market.

Knowing about various types of commercial kitchen equipment can help you make an informed decision when it comes to selecting the best, the right type of equipment in your specific catering business establishment. Generally, we have different types of these basic commercial kitchen equipments. These include:

Commercial Griddles is ideal equipment for cooking breakfast meals such as pancakes, eggs, bacon, cheese sandwiches, chicken, hamburger and many more. They are one of the most known versatile and valuable equipment in today’s commercial and catering application, but you may need to look for the right one to boost efficiency as well as saving time and money. You can choose from gas griddle to electric ones, and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Electric ones are mostly, chef’s preferred because they provide even, stable heating and excellent results.

Ranges and ovens provide basic cooking surfaces for your operation. You can choose the size of these equipments based on your catering establishment size, but typically, ranges have one to twelve burners. Choose a mid-sized range in an establishment with occupancy of around 150 customers, but for a larger one, a heavy range would be ideal. It would be advisable to stick to gas ranges since electric ones take a lot of time to heat-up which results in costly bills. Gas ranges are versatile and dependable.

Walk-in refrigeration and freezers are some of the commercial kitchen equipment you should never forget in your new business establishment. Commercial refrigerators are different from the residential ones in the sense that they do not have an attached freezer, they are more powerful, and can maintain temperature much better as compared to residential ones. You have a lot of options you can choose from when it comes to commercial refrigerators depending on your business need, but as a general rule, consider the size, efficiency and the most notable features of your desired refrigerator or freezer for that case.

At times, this is not considered to be a vital equipment in a commercial setting, but it is. A quality prep table gives chefs pretty of space to perform their task effectively. These come in different sizes, but it would be good if you find one with extra places for storages.

These are essential commercial kitchen equipment. They go a long way when it comes to saving time as well as promoting clean, sanitary environments. There are different types if commercial dishwasher designated for different types of foodservice operation and with a variety of volume use. The main ones to choose from include, under counter, door style, rack/ circular conveyor, rack-less and pan washing.

These are the most common commercial-grade kitchen appliances, but we have more than you may need to consider depending on your catering business. These includes; Fryers, ice makers, specialty equipment such as pizza warmers, nacho warmers, hot dog warmers, char broilers, microwaves, mats, and many more.

Basic Guidelines to purchasing commercial culinary Equipment

Before purchasing this equipment, you should evaluate some of the industry goals and determine your budget. Evaluating your industry goal ensures that you are not just purchasing a budget equipment but the best one as per the industry standards. Food based industry requires heavy duty equipment, and if you are under tight budget and you are struggling to purchase one of these, it would be better you think about taking rental, or consider a rental-to-buy package if any.

The quality of the commercial equipment you intend to purchase is very important. You should always think of quality, not the cost. This is typically because expensive repairs in the future come after compromising quality. To achieve quality consistency, it is highly suggested that you purchase equipment from the same brand.

The last thing you want in your new establishment or setting is unreliable commercial equipment. You need to buy equipment that is easy to use and designed to give maximum output with at least a minimum amount of effort. Take sometimes to do some research on different types of equipment, their price range, and brands and base your purchasing decision on what you will get. Also, talk, to industry expert about the kind if the equipment they prefer using and why.

Whether you are starting a new establishment, or simply upgrading your current equipment, getting new commercial kitchen appliances may seem stressful and costly but these huge costs make efficiency and maintenance important to profit. With strategic investments in these equipments, you can cut cost in a huge way.